Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rodeo Fix

We were able to find a rodeo to attend last weekend.  It was the Canadian Finals College Rodeo held at the Edmonton Expo Centre.  We walked though a Farm and Ranch Fair before the Rodeo.  The arena was small and we had excellent seats to watch some young talented cowboys from Canada. 

These machines will go anywhere.

This truck made us think of Linda and Delbert Edstrom

The arena was small so the cowboys ran in for the opening ceremonies instead of riding horses.  

We had great seats and ate a rodeo hamburger and hot dog.  

Young missionaries

MWe enjoy working with the talented, willing, spiritual, funny, and inspirations Elders and Sister serving in Edmonton mission.

Waffle Wednesday    Sister Holyoak always has a smile.

We laughed because Sister Knight waffle overflowed a bit!!

ZTM. Zone teaching meeting

They don't have Friday Forum during the summer months.  They had the kitchen help come to the front and gave us thank you cards.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wait 5 minutes

They have a saying in Edmonton just like Idaho--"if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes."  Well after a few days of warm weather which melted all the snow in our apartment's parking lot, we had a storm that probably put down about 2 inches of snow.  

But it doesn't stop the people that love their bikes!!

We were invited to the mission home for a pot-luck dinner with the senior couples serving in Alberta.  Most of them are couples serving in the office and living at home. 

There are three full-time couple.  The Benches from Fairview Utah, the Garrets from Tennessee, and the Wades from Idaho. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

YSA Conference

The Bonnie Doon Stake hosted a conference for all area YSA. Friday night they had a dinner and speaker, Saturday was workshops, lunch, service project, and an evening at Galaxyland the indoor amusement park at the Edmonton mall.  The theme was Onward and Upward.  

We went to the Muttart Conservatory which is "one of Edmonton's most iconic structures" with four pyramids  displaying plant life from 3 different areas of the world and one for their featured attraction which today was A Touch Of Dutch.  I took a lot of pictures of which I'll post just a few of my favorites.
We did have a gospel conversation with a retired photography that shared with us some of his beautiful shots.  He was using two different cameras to capture the perfect picture.    

Mother Earth

This is not my favorite--but here goes!

The YSAs tell us we need to try a Donair while in Canada so we set out to find one.  We thought "The World's Finest" should work. 

They are like our gyros but with a sweet sause.  We liked it for a change.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014


We attended the baptism for one of the YSA investigators that we have been involved with.  When he invited us he said, "someone who feeds me all the time should be there."  It was a neat experience.  His name is Derrick Pollard.  Though his family doesn't support his decision, hopefully their hearts will be softened and they can see the good it is in his life.  

We also attended the birthday for a member's cat named Barbie.  We had a good meal, fun conversation, and left with more appreciation for how good, kind, and accepting these YSA students are of each other.  

One of the instructors at the institute, Brother Mandin, invited us to a jazz band concert he performs in.  They had also invited a high school Jazz band from Calgery to mentor and play the last number together. It was an enjoyable evening.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A week in the life....

We had zone conference Tuesday.  It never ceases to amaze me the talent, knowledge, strength, and enthusiasm the young missionaries have.  A local Edmonton ward provided us with a delicious meal.  President a Sister Manion gave some great training and the APs played a fun game they call Fishing.  It is played like jeopardy using categories like scriptures, hymns, and Preach My Gospel.  

We had four Elders in our home for dinner and a spiritual thought.  I always enjoy getting to know them better.  They are from Idaho, Arizonia, England, and Utah.  (Elders Grigg, Elder Stewart, Elder Hement, and Elder Johnson)

On Saturday we always like to go to the Farmer's Market, only a block from our apartment, to have lunch at Fat Franks and walk through the different vendors and enjoy their displays.  I think the egg plants were so pretty.  

Fat Franks

And this is the home of the "original Canadian" kettlekorn!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Comings and Goings

Elders Griggs and Stewart helped us with waffle Wednesday this week. Then we rushed over to transfer meeting to say bye to Sister Gardner who is going to Ground Prairrie.  We are really going to. Is her in YSA.

Mar 2, 2013. Sun--we left the apartment at 6:15 am for the three hour drive to Slave Lake to visit a small branch of the church.  President and Sister Manion had asked us to go with them and then at the last minute cancelled because of sickness.   The branch meeting was very small--18 attended counting Elder Talbot and Elder Coombs.  The lessons at church were very good and they asked me to play the piano for sacrament meeting, because no one in the branch plays.  We checked the Elder's apt.  A member of the church has taken their very large 3 story home, remodeled it into 5 suites that they rent out for extra money.  They all use the same entrance and shoes were everywhere.  They are still in the process of remodeling.  It's located inside a grove of trees and I bet it's beautiful in the summer.  Slave lake is a town of 6,000 that is home to lumber jacks, oil men,  and their families.   The branch president works at the post office and delivers mail.  There was a fire that came through about 2 years ago and half the town was destroyed, so there is a lot of brand new homes.  They have a new church, because their old one was destroyed by the fire.  The member were very nice and have their challenges trying to keep a small branch going.  There was one lady with two small children,that bore her testimony and is almost ready for baptism. Then we left for the long drive home. 

Damage from the fire

The church where the members of the Slave Lake Branch meet.  It's only two years old due to the fact their church building was destroyed in the fire.